My favourite moment in Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam is when a cow falls into a well and how the hero along with the fire service rescues the bovine and literally wins back love form all around, as usual the hero gets more credit than the fire service; the point however is that there is some cattle connection to the coming together of the lead characters.

I would not be making much of an assumption when I say our comedy writers write the ‘jokes’ first and try to put in something of a story behind it,  sometimes it is not even something of a story; but just the punch lines. Thankfully VVS is not that kind of a film, it has something of a story; but only just.

Sivakarthikeyan and Soori play founder and secretary of a loafer’s club in the village; also in the same village is Sivanandi played by Satyaraj, the proverbial man who is feared and respected by all. Needless to say that the heroine is his daughter, ok I just said it.

Satyaraj must have the record for being the most underused actor in all the generations he has been part of, even the mildly interesting initial moments do not make up for the 100 mile long post interval section; the milestones being  the songs, which are neither good nor do they have any place near the vicinity of the film. But then nobody cares, they laughed, I laughed. I don’t remember for what I laughed, but I do remember laughing.  I even ignored a racial remark by the hero, and hence I spill my guilt here. Ok so guy drops into a well to save a cow but makes fun of a girl based on her skin colour.

Ok fine we shouldn’t notice such things or else they will try and make fun of us in the next film.

To try and list out the good things in the film is to describe in detail the garlands on a corpse in procession, but then a procession must have garlands.

Have a good time.

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