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Kodambakkam ka Super hero

The concept of a Tamil Super hero often shocks me and puts my plunging spirits into not so infrequent and quiet laughter, it does not fit simply. It is not that such a thing cannot exist and capture the minds of the people but it will be similar to setting “Enga Ooru Paatukaaran” in Texas and changing the tamil folk song into country music, it might work but I don’t think I can watch it without smiles. But that is just me, the thought that all stories are global and only name changes have to be done is something that does not quite appeal to me. Thus ends a piece on Velayudham

7aam Arivu harks back to the age of the Pallavas, when the tamil peoples were striding ahead in medicine and martial arts while the rest of the world engaged in barbaric pursuits. (This line is almost a word by word translation of the documentary style opening) It is an interesting premise a Pallava scion travels to China with withheld intentions, so secret that even the director (leave alone the audience) is quite clueless about it.

The Movie then drifts away into the guardians of culture mode, it seems like the entire world is trying to suppress the growth of the Tamils whether these are genuine fears or injected just to prove a point remains to be seen.At best 7aam Arivu is a cat with tiger stripes, mistaking a meow for a growl

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