Baca: too much of heat don’t you think?

Bogie: what?

Baca: Never mind, have you seen the heat?

Bogie: Of course, wait a minute. Whatr do you mean heat. I live on the shores of the hottest desert in the universe.

Baca: Not that ‘heat’ dear, the movie. Michael Mann, De niro, Pacino and some banks.

Bogie: Yes Yes, now I remember. Wait a minute, what’s that gotta do with this film?

Baca: This one’s called Heat too, but only in Tamil.

Bogie: And it’s not even a remake!

Baca: You would have wanted it that way? Let’s not jump to conclusions dear, after all she is a debutante.

Bogie: and the producer voices the elder brother Balaji! He really thinks he has a powerful voice doesn’t he?

Baca: Oh, Gautam Menon I didn’t notice, but not all men are endowed with a voice like yours. He is just trying his bit

Bogie: I sense sarcasm; you haven’t heard me do my east London accent

Baca: But you don’t have an east London accent, dear.

Bogie: Nor do the people in this movie. They look to clean to be from the hut-ments.

Baca: Hmm, yes and even Nithya Menen’s voice seemed dubbed. But the film does have an interesting premise. But not new, we have seen father-son rivalry movies in the past haven’t we?

Bogie: Baca, those were the only type of movies which were made during the late seventies and through the eighties. Rajnikanth and Bacchan sr made their careers by hating their on screen dads who ends up being the smuggling king pin in the end.

Serious Movie goer 1: Now don’t talk so fast, we are the watching the film you know.

Bogie: I am Bogie, I talk fast. If I talk any slower I would be Maria Callas.

Baca: Now now dear, we are not here to pick up fights.

Bogie groans at the beginning of yet another song, Baca meanwhile uses te bright lights on the song to polish her nails.

Bogie: Oh not another song, please. Dear God and they become rich in the song. How is that?

Baca: that happens with every movie trying to impress every single person in the hall.

Bogie turning back to look at serious movie goer and asks.

Bogie: Hey kid!, You like these songs?

Serious Movie Goer: The songs are peppy, but quite distracting.

Bogie: peppy! The words people use these days, i think this movie would have worked without these songs.

Baca: Let’s just give the kid her due, it is her first film, what did you expect? Lawrence Of Arabia?

Bogie: You’re just partial because the director is a female, it is an attempt of worth but there is too much of this ‘we are showing the underbelly of the city’ mood that puts me off. Prostitutes, drugs and the whole works.

Baca: Now you don’t talk about that, just scroll down your wiki filmography.

Bogie: Now leave me outta this, I don’t think it is fashionable anymore to fall in love with a prostitute, is it?

Baca: It does move the picture farther and Karthik Kumar seems to be the best actor in the movie, too bad for him and I mean this as a compliment.

Bogie winces at the climax, the violent end was not new for him but most around him agreed it was laughable.

Baca: Could have been better

Bogie: Much better, with a story and some humor

Baca: Oh, why do you hate the movies so much?

Bogie: I don’t hate them, I have been in them.

Baca: I love you too.