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Wash you hands.

Contagion directed by Steven Soderberg occupies a small corner in the apocalyptic movie genre, death by bio hazards. The idea of mass destruction and the fears of its aftermath are favorite topics of American filmmakers, which in a way reflect the fears of the US of A. The thought that we might all die someday is evident, but to die without knowing what we all die off is indeed scary.

Wash your hands. Again.

So when reports of an epidemic come about , the first thing that the homeland security department can think of are a plot against America but later realize their folly when MEV-1 spreads all over the globe.

This unknown agent of death first attacks Beth played by Gwyneth Paltrow an American returning from Hong Kong and from there to the rest of the world. The utter brilliance of the movie lies with its actors just because that not for even a moment they appear to act and are their characters right from the start. Take for example Soderbergh regular Matt Damon who looks very much the ‘at home dad’ who is immune to MEV-1, Kate Winslet as the selfless Epidemic Intelligence officer and Laurence Fisburne as the guilt ridden chief from the center for disease control.

Jude Law gets to play the best part in the movie and he does it with ease, the movie written by Bourne Ultimatum writer Scott Z Burns blends science with fiction to present a taut race to find a cure for the epidemic.

Contagion in my opinion is a good science thriller which is realistic at the same time dealing with human emotions and fears. Chances are you might think twice before you touch your face again.