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Chennaieil oru Naal is a remake of the Malayalam film Traffic which I haven’t seen, which should have ideally dealt with the race against time journey between Chennai and Vellore on the delivery of a heart which would save an ailing child.


Ok see, basically the time at hand is very less and everybody on screen are having conversations on ethics, security and responsibility at leisure, including the police commissioner played by SarathKumar. Not for once do they even bring about the seriousness at hand, hence the first hehe.

One of the many painstaking back stories  is mildly interesting and that is mainly because it is played by ever earnest Cheran as the traffic policeman who can very well double up as Narain Karthikeyan’s substitute.

The other plots are either rushed or contain selfish characters for whom there is not enough setting for us to care about, as it is the norm with ensemble films the acting is sways between tolerable to irritating, and as in every Tamil film these days the lover boy is called Karthik.

But the worst part in the middle of all this is a star who tries to increment his social status, for which I will include a second hehe.


There are a few thrilling moments but the effect is lost by the constant shift of camera from one face to another seeking reactions, reminding us that the producer is in fact Radhika Sarathkumar, the ever reigning queen of the emotional small screen.

Also the movie suffers from over scoring. 

Yes yes, I am quite insensitive.