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And we are back with our tired and tested, yet faulty review for another film. If you have been unaware of what FRS is, kindly refer our introduction to FRS here.


Nee Enge En Anbe

+1: For a bad remake, Nee Enge En Anbe (NEEA or Neeya?!) begins quite well.

-35: Bad idea results in bad remake, extra points for thinking of remaking a good film and failing quite badly on all fronts, why do you have to remake a good film unless you aren’t adding anything  substantial to it, also Kahaani is quite a pop film, won few awards too right?

-12: Location, location,location- in the original Kahaani, Kolkata provided the perfect setting and its character was central to the story, here Hyderabad however the maker has tried to justify, seems a force fit.

-4: Nayanthara’s eye lashes, no seriously if this movie was 3D they would poke your eyes, so visibly long, but why?

-5: Crying Nayanthara

-5: More crying Nayanthara

-5: Still more crying Nayanthara, for a thriller this is one of the weepiest, frustrating because we apparently don’t know what she is crying about. They should have called it Cries and Whispers instead, also fits.

-19.5: Whole movie seems so un-stimulating and there is no interest for u to suffer with it, you might argue that since Kahaani has been watched by us, this is not a valid reason. But we are not listing valid reasons here.

-8: Enough with the imagery guys!! We get it that the movie is about an avenging angel, while Kahaani was subtle and nice about the durga pooja and Vidya Bagchi’s story, here every alternate scene is Nayanthara praying to the goddess wide-eyed and vengeful, leaving little to surprise.

We’re stopping not because we couldn’t find more points, in fact there were many like insufficient character growth and the overreaching of the script to complicate itself, but it is just that we are tired.

We also liked the original a lot and even after multiple viewings it still retains some magic, this might have influenced our negative viewing of Shekhar Kammula’s new film. It is quite understandable that a person who hasn’t seen the Sujoy Ghosh film might enjoy it, but we would like to bet against it.

All numbers are arbitrary and instantaneous.