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Since the shift to the third person, the troubled reader henceforth to be mentioned as TR started biting his nails a little extra, so much so that some of his skin found its way to in between his teeth.

The usual questions of life and what purpose, a reading challenge really served loomed high above like a dark cloud refusing to go or rain.

But more pertinent questions as to how he would continue on his quest were left to be unanswered.

Firstly he wasn’t making progress with the number of pages he had estimated in his head, and like an aimless creature TR  jumped from book to book.

Should the reader be allowed to switch books every other day, isn’t this a problem of plenty? He asked his kindle, his only friend.

The Kindle never replied of course.

Secondly he had been doing many other things apart from reading and these were not things that gave any fulfilment, neither to the soul or any part of his self.

He even tried reading in classes, only hoping the instructors would fail to notice.

But help is always at hand, TR stumbled upon a brilliant website on books, the downside of this was he was reading a lot ABOUT books and not THEM.

It is at this website that TR did come across a brilliant essay by Bryan Vandyke on this whole thing called reading. That made TR a little more hopeful as he looked forward to yet another week.

52 books to read

50 weeks to go