KTV Captions Make Tamil Cinema Twitter Great Again


It is my firm belief that if there is a battle between the idea of watching movies in the theatre and the (greater) idea of watching a movie at home; then watching at home will decimate the opposing side and do multiple victory laps in the battlefield, easily.


Ok, this is more of an in medias res kind-of piece which would make more sense if you are on twitter and tuned to chennai for trends, so I will put the watching movies at home vs the big screen debate to a later date. I will also talk about the importance of channels like KTV in the scheme of things later. Now back to twitter. 


The most common observation that could be made is that most of the trending topics are synthetically made kollywood movie updates say like a trailer release or a first look poster, an audio launch, a success party or a countdown to the actual movie release or some such nonsense.


Yes, that is the situation; that is what Kollywood has reduced twitter to.


Of course now everything goes by the name of marketing and thus giving an entire generation of marketers a bad name; it is stifling. Successfully, Kollywood twitter has sucked out most interesting thing in my life (movies) into the most boring thing.  


Maybe Kollywood twitter is a dementor.


In this noxious environment when trackers and so called film journalists who would do anything to get a gullible man’s (or woman’s) moment of attention, these schemers who hide behind fandom of Ajith-Vijay to drive clicks and RTs comes a whiff of fresh air, an old hand (been in the business since 2001)  who still has his chops, competing with the new kids.


This was when KTV decided to take Tamil film twitter to a better place.


Most Tamil movie channels just put out updates on show timings, understandable because this is not the TV viewing generation and an active twitter account which publishes on routine is not really a must-have.


Here again, a channel which stood out with its content and programming now stands out with some brilliantly crafted tweet captions that mostly never fails to bring a smile. The KTV twitter feed is something I look forward to everyday.

Why because they did a lot of things that Tamil movie fans would appreciate including


Crystallizing Mudhalvan to a memorable caption



Secured Inaindha Kaigal’s legacy by linking it to the Mission Impossible films



Unwittingly spoke the truth about Asal ( i mean…awful?)



Used the movie titles innovatively




Figuring out R.Parthepan



Shooting out essential movie trivia



Delivering the crux of a V Sekar Classic



Making all the relevant Hollywood connections



Giving tough competition to Batman V Superman



Making an effort to change society for the better



And finally, using all the right words at all the right places


Tweets are momentary, but appreciation needs not be.

So this is my “samarpanam” to all the effort and movie love that goes behind making these captions.

Let the hits keep on coming!


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