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FRS: 24

A note on the Fawlty Rating System (FRS)

*Initially thought about in 1934, it came to fruition only in the late 2000s.

*It is the only movie rating system in the universe to be based on a Buddhist scroll that was actually written by an Irish traveller who had been an assistant director in the movie “Birth of a nation”, the scroll was curiously titled “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari to make a Baahubali”

*The rating system is now named after the Irish Traveller, a small portion of the proceeds from this review will go to a bhel puri vendor in an undisclosed street corner for secret reasons.

*All numbers and words are arbitrary, mostly imaginary. They do not mean anything

A note on the Fawlty Rating System Ends


Let’s just get this straight, this is not an A for Attempt, E for Effort kind of review.

+89: The watch.

So this is a concept, the watch makes you go forward and backward in time, we like it; honestly we love it, there are immense possibilities that one can do with time travel, like say unite lost lovers, prevent wars or do something like Netru Indru Nalai. (which had a full blown time machine).

We like good concepts, so what do you do when you can control the uncontrollable viz. time?

The watch is also well designed, in fact that would be the next rating

+22: Attention to detail

Right so everything from the watch, the lab of Sethuraman which looks like one imagined by an author of steam-punk novels.

-231.455: Mismatch

I really get it that the writers and the director have re-imagined 1990 Tamil Nadu, which has an English castle, harry potter train and maple trees and Mad Max type bike racer henchmen, but the 2016 of Tamil Nadu is just like how it is now? Dei, i mean, dei!!!What happened to the Harry potter train?

-18: Suriya

Like OK, we realise we will mostly be killed by fans after this, but FRS committee has always held the view that there are limited characters that this actor can pull off, we know that we could be wrong entirely but consider us for one moment.

Suriya plays three characters

  1. Mani: ok this is the ‘normal’ guy we are supposed to identify with, he is exactly the same as ‘Ayan’ Suriya or the non Bodhidharmar ‘7am’ Suriya, in fact..never mind…what we are saying is…ok…not working…see there is a difference the way Kamal played PP Raja from ‘Savaal’, Raja from ‘AS’ and PKS from ‘PKS’ all three speak the same dialect but….ok..not going to go further on this point. Just saying Suriya plays the same guy, hence limiting.
  2. Sethuraman: this is the old Suriya from Varanam Aayiram who didn’t die but borrowed Stephen Hawking’s wheel chair.
  3. Athreya: coming to the much talked about character, who himself proclaims that he is a hard core villain, so that ends there.

That’s it not saying anything more about characters and all.

-20: Naming

Ok so, this Inventor Sethuraman has a brother named Athreya??

Like mean they seem to have been born in a royal type family(they have castle in the woods) which consults extensive naming books before naming twins like for example (Arpan-Darpan), this Sethuraman-Athreya naming convention, we dunno not working that’s all.

Another character named Mani, to drive in the ‘Time’ theme of the movie.

-58: Saravana Stores on my mind

Product placement!!! And whenever Suriya smiles it looks exactly like the one where he invites all our family members to visit the store.


-25: Ladies

This is in line with existing traditions only, mothers will be sacrificing and will only be worried about getting their sons married.

Girls will believe whatever hero says, especially in the time of google-android-shizz at your fingertips, like if the hero tells that there is disease you are suffering from, girl will believe, no questions asked; yeah yeah it is very cute and all.

And they fall in love.

-5: Poovum, Pottum (flowers and bindi)

Again concept, girl becomes divine with this and all heroes will force this on all heroines so that they become divine. Later they will rise to heaven.

+78: Malinga made fun of.

-300.9: Watch-mechanic as a lucrative career option

Like sir, what’s the time?

Man takes mobile phone and tells us the time, see NO WATCH. So in these no-watch times, the protagonist runs what seems to be a really successful enterprise here and he also rides a Royal Enfield Cafe Rider, also more points would be deducted for not even mentioning that it was bought on loan(was it?).

Think about the EMI, guys.

-100: Every time hero mentions one phrase, full theatre resorted to collective sighs, the air released during these sighs caused more suffocation and a near death experience

-40.9: Generic songs, generic bgm disappointing when visually the movie has so much to show, the music does little to heighten the experience.

Even more so on the supporting actors, they have little or no space to play.

+120.003: But wait! It ain’t that kind of movie!

No it isn’t, we are nitpickers.

24 is bang on track when it keeps to its time travel concept. The interval and the initial portions are absolutely well done, which kept us guessing on what could be the next move, similar scenes were observed in the second half as well; but then the deviations were too in the face to ignore,for example the whole love and family track.

Like if you think an entire family going on ‘moun vrat’ for a single day is cute, then you can erase all the minus ratings that we have put out.

Also if you are irritated, think that this is not film criticism, we suggest you to scroll up to read a short note on FRS.

Thank you.



10 replies on “FRS: 24”

Well, this is a first. Suriya not being able to pull off any character? Please, but I beg to differ. See his body of work and then you’d know- performance apart, not even Kamal could pull of such a variety of looks as Suriya! Talking about performance itself, I’d disagree again. To quote Baradwaj Rangan here for the lack of better words myself:

“Suriya gets his mojo back in Vikram Kumar’s expensive, out-of-the-box, time-travel thriller 24. (It’s a high concept Modi would love: the world’s first time traveller is an… Indian.) The star delivers three finely calibrated “mainstream” performances, playing just enough to the gallery without breaking out of the characters. In the inventor named Sethuraman, we see a mad-scientist gleam in the eye – even his grin is situated the right distance between manic and nerdy. As the villain Athreya (Sethuraman’s twin), Suriya is all dark panache – he’s what he’d have been in Anjaan had the film had a script. At some point, Athreya ends up in a wheelchair, and we see a crumpled mass, crushed by decades of impotence and frustration. (Cinematographer Tirru lights the character in darker tones, ashen browns compared to the golden yellow Sethuraman is often bathed in.) And as the “regular” hero, Mani, Suriya is charming like he hasn’t been in years. The presence of a solid script, a director who knows what he’s doing, seems to have put the spring back in Suriya’s step. The look-ma-I’m-a-star smugness that infected a lot of his recent performances has been wiped clean. Watch his swagger as he discovers what he can do with the watch Sethuraman invented. It’s like Spider-Man discovering his powers. There’s wonderment, delight, and a hint of devilish mischief.”

That speaks for itself.

Is nitpicking an obviously well-made movie so important that you’d go to any lengths to criticize it? Not even a mention of the brilliant cinematography? The fantastic art direction? The delightful story-telling, and the direction itself?Bashing a movie is all fine as long as you take care to mention any and all redeeming factors in it. You’re quite well-aware of the current scenario in Kollywood, I’m sure- so why put down a movie that’s at heart a sincere attempt to provide a well-balanced, intelligent story to its viewers?


Thanks for the reply, yes we did realise that putting down suriya as an actor will bring with it much backlash, but it is what we have truly felt; but yes many people have called so many other ‘great’ actors the same.
Also yes, our review is more about the film and less about the industry, we had problems with the cinematography and some parts of production design as well (well you know we have issues with everything) that’s just because this is not a document to make people watch/not-watch a movie and we honestly dont think that the FRS will deter you from watching a movie, in fact an FRS is more fun (we think) when the reader has seen the film, so that he smiles with us with the nitpickings.
As we said we are nitpickers, we are also concerned with form and we are movie lovers, well we are also at a disadvantage, we cannot give a review like Mr. Rangan.
We all do what we can.
Thank you for the time.


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