Chapter 1: Language Problems

His Highness Zafar sat reading the morning papers on one of the hundred ornamental couches, the expression on his face read that he was stumped at yet another treaty by the Company men.

Zafar: By gosh, Jeeves. We’ve been duped again.
Jeeves: It seems so, sir. I mean Highness.
Zafar: What do you reckon is the reason?
Jeeves: It is plain and simple sir, English. You must learn English.

The notion of learning a foreign language seemed alien and threatening to HH Zafar, he also didnt like the sound of it, he thought that he would have to make more “O” sounds and thats about it.He also knew that from a historical perspective he would be the first Mughal Emperor to learn English, the thought that this might be the only thing he might be remembered for angered him to no end.

Zafar: Is it as sweet as my Urdu, my man?
Jeeves: Oh no, most certainly no, but if you are seeking employment in England, it would be of immense help.
Zafar: Kings do not seek employment
<blows out of the hookah and breathes out into the pollution and fog free Delhi air, now considered a rarity >
Jeeves: News just came in that the Company have taken your Summer Palace and are converting it into a center for archaeological artifacts, at this rate you must consider starting a profile on LinkedIn, um..yes thats what they call it.
Zafar (with a hurt ego) : Shah Jahan, illustrious of my clan never learnt English nor did he have a LinkedIn profile. Yet the world knows of him.

Jeeves: That is quite true, but he did build the Taj mahal, sir.I mean highness.

Zafar looked stumped again, while Jeeves walked out for a coffee saying to himself “Enough cheekiness for one day”

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