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Caustic Kumar was trying to chew into a milk chocolate bar as he and Moderate Manohar made their way into the offices of the Lowly Laureate.
The dark shadow of the editor loomed over them so much so that both the writers thought that they had walked into the control room of some secret organisation mostly controlled by the United States.
Editor: Writers at the ready! Submit your works there! <Points to an automaton spell check editor, the writers are nevertheless terrified!>
CK and MM together: we’ve just seen the movie; think we should do some bouncing off each other before we submit anything
Editor: some work ethic you two have! <To a computer> initiate Editor exit sequence. <Beep Beep sounds follow as the editor makes his way outside>
CK and MM together: Peace, at last!
CK to MM: Every time we see a movie, I don’t think you shouldn’t start with “what did you think of it”, it is boring and I’m guessing readers are tired of it.
MM: what readers?
<Both laugh>
MM <takes the serious movie critic on TV voice> Captain America, Marvel’s latest offering in a series of…
CK: they all know that… ok fine, what did you think about it?
MM: absolutely loved it!
CK: well that’s not too moderate; you’re out of character Manohar
MM: Cant you be not sly and agree that we are in agreement?
CK: Well, I loved it too, the more I think about it, the more I like it, proves that this not a wonderment-in-awe movie.
MM: What does wonderment-in-awe mean anyway? <Realises, then hits his forehead>
CK: there you are Manohar, playing Watson again; any basic reader will know what wonderment-in-awe is, even if they don’t, they will make up something for it.
MM: right, before we get into all that, I think this is a brilliant film singularly speaking, as for the whole build up to Avengers 2, I cannot say;
CK: because each stand alone film is being helmed by a different guy and…
MM: exactly
CK: interesting to see how they tried to fit in a 70s type conspiracy thriller into the scheme of things, Captain America being all patriotic and all seems the best Manchurian candidate for the job. It is fun, especially when Robert Redford comes in.
MM: yes I vividly remember you being the only one who whistled when his name came up <tries to sneer, but then thinks it is indecent>
CK: <looks to the ceiling> Yes I’m a man of another time, just like Captain America.
MM: I never took this SHIELD any seriously, thought they should have been called…
CK: UMBRELLA! Manohar this is the third time you have said this and I agree it was funny the first time, but not now
MM: As in an umbrella organisation that brings all these supermen under one roof.
CK: speaking of shields, I think the shield based action in the film was tremendous, also that sound when our hero straps it on his back. Action was really good; maybe it is because I felt the special effects were muted.
MM: Yes, as in I loved Iron Man 3, think some idiot at the Lowly Laureate wrote one glowing review which the editor had no problem with, but on repeated viewings it is just another Shane Black movie with monstrous graphics.
CK: this is what I was trying to put forward in my wonderment-in-awe theory, you never listen!
MM: So I say that we should give more points to Cap for actually having some kindoff story
CK: it had a pretty good story and was funny too; this is not some attempt to force fit but is fitting and we don’t give out points.
MM: So do you feel that we can actually see better Superhero films? Not just the usual originstor-superhero graphic madness thing? I don’t think so
CK: I can’t really say, with all my pumping cynicism I can say that they are after our 120Rs (higher outside TN) but then Marvel has made its money, I think it is past the brute ensemble box office days, hoping Avengers 2 is better.
MM: Ah…Hmm…Okie…that actually meant nothing, now to the characters. Supersonic development for this Chris Evans, I have begun to like him from actually ignoring him in the Avengers.
CK: he is a good actor, too many good moments for him with the winter…
CK: right, no spoiler clause.
<Both stare at each other for a moment and then begin to discuss the plot in dept and animatedly, luckily for you…yes you we won’t put out all that>
MM: finally…
CK: Captain America: the Winter Soldier is the stand alone that Marvel deserves right now, also the one it needs
MM: wait, wait, what about the Edward Snowden based surveillance-morality plot and the verily guessable twists.
CK: the surveillance plot was watchable only the twists weren’t, also Iron Man could have solved this problem within two minutes or so.
<Computer in the voice of JARVIS, ‘your conversation has been recorded for our internal audit purposes, sir’>
CK: why do they even audit our magazine, we have no income!
<Uplifting drums and violins music play in the background as CK and MM walk out straight in search of their next assignment>
No mid/post credit, go home and sleep soon.

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