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Caustic Kumar and Moderate Manohar at the Movies: Thalaivaa


In the darkness of the theatre the bespectacled Manohar, known to many as ‘Moderate’ Manohar; the appropriate prefix denoting his stand on most issues including the movies that he gets to watch could see the white brightly brushed and polished teeth of his companion Kumar.

Kumar clenched his teeth in irritation, the ones (teeth) which came into contact feared for their life.

The movie ended and with clenched fists Kumar knocked down the paper cup which had so rightly fit in the container custom made for popcorn, he wasn’t called Caustic Kumar for nothing. We wait till we speak.

Caustic Kumar (CK): What a bad film, I mean…

Moderate Manohar (MM): Which film have you ever liked?

CK: Don’t accuse me of cynicism, I have my favorites; besides this is not one film but a bedroom curtain made of multiple cloths

MM: Every director has a right to be inspired and to pay homage

CK: Absolutely, the only problem is when every scene in your film becomes homage for another

MM: Clearly the director is a prisoner of fancy of the directors mentioned in the title card…nostalgia…

CK: yes yes, I saw that too. That is the easier way out. Title card thanks.

MM: I have problems with how you see things; AL Vijay might really have deep respect for the films Thalaivaa alludes to.

CK: Note that the keyword is ‘might’; while you are speculating moderately; I wish to speculate with some force that’s’ all.

MM: Apart from what you feel as lifting of scenes, I could see that the film was quite straight forward; nothing too bad to harbor hatred.

CK: My point is the whole movie is a collection of scenes from other movies, that also is my problem

MM: I thought that how the later stages of the film became a whodunit, rather than how he dunnit.

CK: Hmm

MM: So you agree? <smiles>

CK: Doesn’t make it a good film. Also everyone could see the ending from a few miles away.

MM: <sighs> the performances…

CK: Don’t joke

MM: OK, let’s do what we always do. Tell me what your heart feels; don’t listen to your caustic mind.

CK: I didn’t like it. Your turn and be honest and not moderate.

MM: I don’t know, I think I have forgotten how it feels to see a good film anymore and my moderateness keeps coming in the way.

CK: Ok, I have an auto to catch. I don’t see why anyone would want to see this film when they can see Nayagan instead.

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