ImageIn a world filled with theatres which are filled with a comedy movie every Friday. Kedi Billa Killadi Ranga (KBKR) is a rare breed, a breed that is so rare that makes you pause and make you think on what makes you laugh.

I saw a film two weeks back, which was perhaps the worst movie ever made and I had seen, a collection of shit recycling shit  sequences pretending to be a comedy. It was so bad that the movie almost pushed me into a sea of depression.

Now at least I will swim out of it.

I believe the basic thinking that goes behind every movie is very limited, it is based on the assumption that whatever worked previously will continue to work. That again is assuming too much and leaving very little space for improvement.

It is these assumptions that provide the familiar scenes in every movie say for examples, “buddy-buddy drinking, buddy-buddy drinking and discussing about not drinking, buddy-buddy drinking and dancing, girl meets boy while retro soundtrack plays behind, item song at a place that seems like a tippler’s paradise, duet love song under umbrella” these things solely exist because of the fact that these have worked at some movie before.

They represent what a collection of movie makers think that the audience will like, laugh and enjoy.

Surprisingly KBKR has all of the above but still manages to be fairly engaging and has some serious laugh out moments even in the absence of any structuring, it is clear that the director’s intent is hell bent on making the audience laugh within the pressures he is allowed to operate, admirable really, but never insulting.

Achieving expectations itself is laudatory, exceeding and all we will see later. 


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