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There is not much of a substitute for the word ‘Sodapify’ and its variants in the English, I did come to this conclusion after spending some time on dictionaries sieving through the words the internet threw at me.

It is a common word in Tamil, not a very classical one but somehow no word conveys despair with such light and it is indeed fittingly used in the cheekily titled ‘Kadhalil Sodapuvadhu Eppadi’

The film itself is played in the form of a self help book, but the content of such a book might not be of much use to the viewer but only make him/her laugh at their own previous misadventures; which quite a good thing. A perennial ‘You need not be ashamed of what you did’ mood pervades and that everybody has to falter in love before rising with the fluttering flag of victory.

Arun, who talks to us more than his lady love Parvathi; is a college with no apparent distinction and somehow believes that his true awakening can come with the task of real love, and achieves it momentarily.

What follows is a well chosen bouquet of one liners on life, love and friendship and existential questions such as why men and women are made such all this is accomplished while not even for a moment taking itself seriously.

Wonderfully produced and cinematographed the movie touches on love of the various generations and how little has changed as to how we have understood this abstract feeling, in a way it is a ‘Love Aaj Kal’ directed by Chandrababu complete with a umm..jazz(or jazzy) soundtrack and worthy of note are the surrounding friends and their more hilarious attempt serenades.

The film drags slowly into an expected climax and you wouldn’t earn much of virtual memorabilia while discussing the film later because the joy and humour of the film lies in that moment.

The film was also released in Telugu with an utterly uninteresting title: Love Failure.


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