cinema Music



There is a Baashyam Mama in most families, the slightly irreverent, unconnected patriarch still living life to their terms and singing “Anda naalum vandithato!” amidst chaos. I believe music began with such people. This is dedicated to all those people, and to the Beatles, for no apparent reason.



Is it right, if a sad song? A song about loss and suffering brings more cheer than discomfort?

It has to be the night; otherwise he wouldn’t have to worry about passing it. The Night becomes so insufferable which it makes it very difficult to think of anything else but her. He even wishes the rainy season for which he has fond memories.

A man reduced to drink, that which should allow him some scope to escape only drags him down into the blackness.

Irony it may seem, that a song on discomfort is so comforting.


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