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Crazy, Stupid Love a wonderfully carved and wholesome title about something which we are yet to understand begins with the proximity of legs.

At the end a series of leg nudging, we see two parallel legs. The legs along with the bodies are stuck in a marriage falling apart due to boredom after twenty five years. Steve Carell slips into once again, the shoes of an everyman lost in his time. It is something he does with panache, ironically playing the loser with a sense of humor, while Julianne Moore compliments him as a woman who is yet to come off on her own.

Ryan Gosling on the other hand plays a debonair bar inhabitant cum girl hunter who erases himself in order to bed them and there is the teenage babysitter crush and a boy who uses deviant means to attain his soul mate. In fact, everybody in the movie is in meditation of ways to find their soul mate

Apart from all this, Crazy Stupid Love is a comedy and achieves more laughs than anything on screen for the past year, barring Delhi Belly (to my knowledge).

It also takes time in inserting in-jokes. When Moore’s character leaves Carell, it rains and he says, “OH, what a cliché!”  

Brilliant. Everybody loves a comedy even if it is crazy and stupid.But only love is crazy and stupid,not the film.


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