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In an extensive escape set piece from the Kremlin, Ethan Hunt transforms from an upright Russian General to an almost innocent tourist bystander, and then the Kremlin blows up.

Welcome to the movies.

The above mentioned scene is not something completely new to us, but still we gasped at the audacity of the event and clenched our hands together in anxiety fully knowing that Tom Cruise will eventually find some crevice to get out of the sticky situations.

The IMF is unlike the MI6, not just in semantics and choice of cover companies. The very name evokes some dynamism compared to their cousins from across the sea, although makes slight nods like that of a rebellious son who meets his father; take the case of the accented Benji played to brilliance by Simon Pegg a somewhat American version of Q.

Ghost protocol picks up abruptly from its predecessor; a classy opening in the streets of Budapest relocates to the prison cells of Russia, not surprisingly Russia returns as Hollywood’s primary enemy after flirting with the Balkans and China for the past few years.

Leave aside the changing locations, technology and high adrenalin is what that really contributes in making the film greater than what was expected or planned, in other words separate the action films from the better films which have action.

For a man who spent his entire career till date before a screen animating rats and out of work superheroes (which by no means is an easy job) Brad Bird excels in a live action debut, bringing in more visual humor than the previous movies.

Ghost Protocol re-instates the fact that Tom Cruise is an international star, despite the aging face and the MI franchise is ready for a new baton bearer in Jeremy Renner.

(Although nothing much has been implied, I was just extrapolating.)

And yes, they come to India to launch nuclear weapons.

Finally, don’t forget to clap for the Burj Khalifa sequence, there is a good chance you might be awed beyond remembrance for those moments.


I also watched Osthe, but that movie is beyond words.


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