Staggering Genius?

The word genius should be one of the most over-used in the language, it can also rank high among the most misunderstood words list. Selvaraghavan’s Mayakkam Enna begins with the narration about a boy whose friends call him a genius. The reason as to why they call him that is unknown, but we will leave it at that. Karthik’s obsession with the camera is seen as matter-of-fact by those friends around him.  He is in fact the only person to have some sort of occupation in that circle of friends but is stamped as the least probable to succeed.

There is also another character whose occupation we are made aware of, Yamini works for an advertising agency, comfortably. IF the film had been on the lengths that women take in order to inspire their husbands to achieve, this would have been a major plot element.

 After many failings and repeated embarrassments from the mouth of his idol, he finally thinks that a cormorant would come to his aid in making ‘that’ perfect photograph. This is where things begin to start becoming awry.

ME is a film on class differences as it is on obsession, the famous photographer publicly insults Karthik on how creativity cannot dawn on creatures such as him, people on the beach listen to popular English songs while the hero looks on, irritated. The heroine is hated for speaking in English, so the obstacle which the character faces isn’t poverty or lack of love but just social acceptance.

At one point, when it is assumed that Karthik cannot become a professional photographer, he suddenly becomes idealistic and lectures on the simple pleasures of making an old woman on the street happy, but then falls two floors down when someone else steals his credit.

In the age where everybody steals every other person’s status on facebook, the sadness of seeing one’s own work in somebody else’s room is fast becoming a story to be told to grandsons by the fireplace. The anger could be understood, but one cannot point a finger and say that this reason which propelled him to greater heights. An infused love triangle in the beginning only perplexes me even further. I can only ask why? And again ask why?

Even days after seeing the film, I am unable to decide upon the purpose of the film; but that only indicates my lack of genius.

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